Unitrends Advances Cloud Support

Taneja Group Analysis

As the cloud increasingly becomes a backup target, data protection vendors are responding with robust cloud support – and Unitrends is no exception. Earlier this week, Unitrends announced three new products that advance their cloud support.

Unitrends announced Unitrends Boomerang is now available for Microsoft Azure. This Boomerang version (Boomerang 2.0) offers Unitrends customers a cost-effective disaster recovery (DR) solution for VMware that leverages the Azure public cloud. If an incident occurs, Boomerang converts backups to native Azure virtual machines that a company can spin up in minutes and then the company can recover applications, data, and network configurations to their datacenter as VMware VMs. The Azure capability complements the Boomerang Amazon Web Services (AWS) implementation, enabling users to choose between the two clouds.

Unitrends also announced Unitrends Enterprise Backup for Microsoft Azure. This offering is aimed at companies that want to add an economical business continuity layer to Unitrends virtual or physical appliances. From a Unitrends virtual or physical appliance, customers deploy Unitrends software into Microsoft Azure to create an offsite target for backup copies. The software replicates backups to Azure to provide data retention and business continuity. In addition, to ensure continuity for cloud workloads, Unitrends Enterprise Backup manages backup and recovery for multiple clouds within a Microsoft Azure instance. This is an essential capability for true business continuity, since data in public clouds, although very secure, is still vulnerable to issues that can affect availability, such as data corruption. General Availability for Unitrends Enterprise Backup for Microsoft Azure is slated for early autumn.

The third part of the announcement is Unitrends Cloud Backup for Office 365, This offering, available this month, helps companies avoid the loss of productivity data due to system crashes and/or accidental deletions. The product also reflects a trend towards vertical backup solutions that are application-specific and typically offer integration and granularity that goes beyond horizontal backup solutions. For example, Unitrends Cloud Backup for Office 365 provides protection for SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and OneDrive – covering emails, folders, contacts, and more. The solution takes snapshots multiple times daily and users are able to recover individual messages without the need to pull back an entire Exchange file, which enables fast and efficient self-service restoration.

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