IBM Cloud Object Storage Provides a Strong Data Foundation for Modern Healthcare

Taneja Group Analysis

The healthcare industry is facing tremendous data challenges as medical organizations quickly evolve to support rapid growth in digital medical imaging, new government regulations and improvements in patient care. Examples of initiatives include HIPAA-compliant data retention, coordinated care and personalized medicine. These new processes and advancements are important for protecting patient privacy and driving better patient outcomes, but they require transforming healthcare infrastructure to enable storing, sharing and analyzing massive amounts of unstructured data.

Unfortunately, traditional file storage approaches aren’t well-suited to manage vast amounts of unstructured data and traditional file storage presents several barriers to modernizing healthcare infrastructure. A recent Taneja Group survey found the top three challenges to be:

  • Lack of flexibility: Traditional file storage appliances require dedicated hardware and don’t offer tight integration with collaborative cloud storage environments.
  • Poor utilization: Traditional file storage requires too much storage capacity for system fault tolerance, which reduces usable storage.
  • Inability to scale: Traditional storage solutions such as RAID-based arrays are gated by controllers and simply aren’t designed to easily expand to petabyte storage levels.

Hence, healthcare organizations need to move to object storage solutions that are designed for cloud environments. Object storage provides a scalable, secure and reliable architecture that is well-suited to meet healthcare needs such as cost-effective medical image archival for regulatory compliance. Moreover, patient outcomes can be improved further when medical organizations have a storage system that facilitates provider/research collaboration, analytics and cognitive computing.

We believe these areas are where IBM Cloud Object Storage’s interoperability offers a real advantage. IBM Cloud Object Storage provides a cloud environment with open APIs that allow IBM Cloud Object Storage to integrate with vendor neutral archives (VNAs) and health information exchanges (HIEs) to enable the secure consolidation and sharing of clinical data. IBM Cloud Object Storage also integrates seamlessly with IBM Spectrum Scale to enable fast data movement to low-latency storage that supports high performance compute needed for healthcare analytics and cognitive computing workloads, such as genome data analysis and interpretation.

For information about IBM Cloud Object Storage, click here.

For information about IBM Industry Solutions for Healthcare, click here.

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