Nutanix is massively expanding its software-only ecosystem

Jeff Kato, Senior Analyst & Consultant

Nutanix is expanding its presence as a software defined leader in the fast-growing enterprise private/hybrid cloud computing solution provider market. Nutanix first cut its teeth as a pioneer HyperConverged vendor back in 2011. The HCI market has roughly doubled each year since and is now greater than $2B in size. HCI architectures makes for a great foundation for an enterprise cloud both on-premises and with service providers. Nutanix is making its technology broadly available to both by now offers software-only versions of Enterprise Cloud Platform available on both HPE ProLiant servers and Cisco B-Series blade servers.  By adding these two new server platforms to the existing OEM relationships with Dell EMC and Lenovo enables customers of all the major HW platforms to now deploy the Nutanix HCI technology. 

In addition to adding new HPE and Cisco server support, Dell EMC this week is putting more muscle behind its XC brand of HCI appliances. The Dell EMC XC brand is based on the Nutanix software and is the heterogeneous HCI offering of choice versus the Dell EMC VxRail offering based on homogenous VMware and vSAN technology. Dell’s expanded XC offerings are a very significant endorsement for Nutanix as Dell EMC will be pushing the XC series heavily into Microsoft-centric accounts. The Nutanix customers, I have spoken with, truly understand the value of having the hypervisor of choice available to them with the infrastructure they purchase.

Nutanix has worked hard to be the only Cloud Software provider to truly democratized the hypervisor of choice. Microsoft and VMware have done a great job of pushing forward with hybrid clouds that take advantage of Hyper-V and ESXi on-premises, but customers must choose one technology over the other. Nutanix allows Hyper-V, ESXi, XenServer, and its own AHV virtualization layers to co-exist within the same cloud operating environment. Sure, there are other HCI vendors that are heterogeneous, but they have not gone to the same level of coexistence of virtualization technology as Nutanix has. Nutanix is a great choice as an alternative to a homogeneous virtualization platform, and I also see a tremendous opportunity with enterprise focused public cloud service providers. With Nutanix technology, they could simultaneously offer four types of services based on VMware, Microsoft, Citrix and Nutanix AHV all without having to learn or change out the underlying cloud platform on the hardware of choice.  Yes, it has been a very good week of announcements for Nutanix. 

Published by Jeff Kato

Senior Analyst $ Consultant at Taneja Group

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