IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Simplifies Data Protection for Virtual Environments

Taneja Group Analysis

Modern organizations want simple data protection that is easily accessible to VM and application administrators. This fact was highlighted in a recent Taneja Group Survey, where over 40% of participants indicated “simple to manage” is the most critical data protection factor when selecting a data protection solution.

Given the importance of simplicity, it is easy to understand why IBM is targeting ease of use with their latest storage software offering. Announced today, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus features a simple user interface (UI), Google-like search for fast recovery and new dashboards for at-a-glance views of virtual machine (VM) protection status, SLA compliance and storage utilization.

Specifically designed for virtual environments, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus greatly simplifies VM backup and recovery.  Administrators use the search feature to easily locate VMs they want to protect and then assign pre-defined SLAs that control the frequency of backups and the retention policies (users can also create custom SLAs). Administrators can quickly recover VMs or clone VMs using snapshot copies. There is no waiting to restore VMs, so recovery is instant. Role-based access control and APIs give administrators the option to use familiar management interfaces and also ensure application consistent copies. For some data protection needs, such as physical application backup, administrators still need to use IBM Spectrum Protect. Also, integration with IBM Spectrum Protect is required for long term retention via tape or cloud-based repositories.

If you’re attending VMworld, check it out. IBM Spectrum Protect Plus will be featured in IBM’s booths at VMworld North America and VMworld Europe. According to IBM, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus will be GA in early Q4 2017.

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