Message from the Founder, Arun Taneja

Fellow IT Professionals, High Technology Vendors, VCs, Press Members and Colleagues in the Analyst Community,

We opened the doors to Taneja Group in early 2003 and have professionally served the high-tech industry for over 17 years. We started in a recessionary year and I remember a well-regarded colleague telling me I was nuts to start an analyst firm in that environment. I, on the other hand, was 100% sure we would succeed by being different and build the company with only seasoned professionals, with vast amount of practical experience with companies, large and small, and who had demonstrated an air of independence. We would build a company that boldly stated how we saw things, based on deep analysis and speaking to as many IT professionals as possible. We would serve not only the vendor community but also VCs and, very importantly be a source of unbiased information for the press community. But everything we would do would be targeted at the IT user community—they would be the primary user of our analyses and reports.

We succeeded beyond my expectations.

We never aspired to be a big company, only the best. I could not be happier with the results. We served literally hundreds of startups, helped them come to market, played a huge role in their growth and success, created a ton of new categories for the industry (to describe how a new technology could “change the world”) and assisted many small companies to be aligned (sometimes acquired or merged) with larger behemoths. We served companies of all sizes with primary research and advice on how the landscape was changing with new technologies, and how they needed to respond, to remain relevant. We offered advice, and made our publications available, to IT users across the globe, so they could make better decisions for their IT environments.

It has been a joyride and I am most thankful to all the communities we served. But there is a time for everything. As a seasoned professional who is passionate about this industry, I knew the time had come for me to pull back from the day to day operations and let others take on the burden. So, two years ago we shrunk the company down and only kept a small skeletal staff of very seasoned, senior analysts, Jeff Byrne, and Jeff Kato, on board. 

Both carried the workload with diligence and honor and have served clients, albeit a smaller number, extremely well. But even for these two, time has come to focus on personal matters. Jeff Kato has decided to retire, and Jeff Byrne is thinking of new adventures, yet unknown.

Given that, it is time to wrap the Taneja Group chapter. As of August 31, 2020, we will close shop.

It has been an honor to be part of this beautiful industry and the incredible people that inhabit it. I have had the honor and privilege to work with some of the finest brains in the industry and participated in the creation of some of the most advanced technologies over the past four+ decades. I have never seen as much integrity in people and companies as in the high-tech industry.

Thank you, my friends!


PS: The world is a very different place today and I believe the people of the high-tech industry will play a huge role in the remaking of this planet. Creativity is the hallmark of this industry and creativity is exactly what is needed to change this world (yes, the world) for the better. Education, climate change, healthcare, you name it; they are all ripe for a complete “rethink.” Once again, I am 100% positive it will be the men and women of this industry—not the politicians—who will solve these and other thorny issues that we face today as a society. The world has never needed “us” (if I may be so bold) as now!

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